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Strategic Plan

Mission:  To preserve, promote and advance the history of Lakeside, the Marblehead Peninsula, and the Chautauqua Movement in America, and to become a public resource for that history.

Collection Acquisition and Preservation

Goal:  Collect and preserve the history of Lakeside, the Marblehead Peninsula and the Chautauqua Movement in accordance with current cultural and technological expectations.

  • Accept and preserve appropriate historical and contemporary artifacts

  • Digitize records and materials to preserve and to share with public 

  • Improve environmental and security controls, and establish offsite digital storage

  • Develop a disaster plan and formulate disaster recovery procedures

  • Enhance Heritage Hall Museum and the exhibits

Community Outreach and Education

Goal:  Collaborate with individuals and organizations throughout Ohio and the Chautauqua communities, to become a resource for historical information and programming.

  • Create a marketing plan to promote mission and goals

  • Create a cooperative working relationship with other Lakeside community organizations

  • Expand collaboration with area history-focused organizations and other Chautauqua programs

  • Develop a collaborative local history program with area schools

  • Continue to develop educational programs for children and adults

Organization Enhancement

Goal:  Develop the financial resources and relationships needed for long-term sustainability.

  • Increase membership and strengthen relationships with existing members

  • Develop fund-raising campaigns to better leverage staff and volunteer resources

  • Explore grant/private foundation opportunities

  • Staff the organization to support the Mission

  • Develop a plan for the future of 324 W. Third Street

  • Identify and evaluate a range of collaboration options with Lakeside Chautauqua

Approved by the LHS Board of Trustees
May 1, 2021

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