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At the mouth of Sandusky Bay on Lake Erie sits the city of Sandusky, Ohio. Described in a 1940 Life magazine article as "perhaps most nearly representative of the whole nation," Sandusky has an eclectic history that is both unique and familiar. It is a city of commerce, of industry, and of recreation. Home to one of the oldest and largest amusement parks in the United States, visited and written about by Charles Dickens, and employed as a campaign stop by numerous presidential candidates, Sandusky has attracted attention throughout its history. This book, featuring vintage photographs from the collections at the Sandusky Library Follett House Museum archives, offers the reader a fascinating view of some of the people and events that helped shape Sandusky. Relive the good times (community celebrations, business successes, and a hometown Miss America) and remember overcoming the hard times (cholera, the Civil War, and the tornado of 1924). The reader will learn about these events and others, gaining an understanding of what made Sandusky the community it is today.

Sandusky, Ohio (softbound book, 2002)

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