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By car or by boat there is no better vacation than a trip around Lake Erie. With Lake Erie Ports and Boats in Vintage Postcards, you can take that trip without ever leaving home, or use this postcard history as companion guide while experiencing the wonders or this Great Lake.From Buffalo to Port Colborne, and visiting ports in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and the Province of Ontario, author Sally Sue Witten takes the reader on a visual journey around Lake Erie. Early 20th-century history of the region is told using over 200 vintage postcards from the author's collection. Through the pages the reader will visit grand old steamers with overnight accommodations and smaller excursion boats that took vacationers to many lake resorts. Dock scenes showcase technological changes in loading and unloading equipment that enabled freighters to grow in size and capacity. Port scenes also include lighthouses and U.S. Life Saving Stations.

Lake Erie Ports and Boats In Vintage Poscards (softbound book, 2001)

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