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Over the past hundreds of years, trillions of gallons of pure, crystal clear water have flowed through the subterranean aquifer system under Huron and Erie Counties in Ohio. The water comes to the surface at the Castalia Springs and the famous Blue Hole, both popular tourist destinations receiving thousands of visitors. Artificial canals were dug in the early 1800s to convey the water northward from Castalia to Venice to power flour mills, subsequently transforming the muskrat marshes into rich farmland. Water was also piped to Sandusky for brewing Crystal Rock beer. The fastmoving waters of Cold Creek provided a favorable environment for raising game trout. This resulted in the establishment of several private troutfishing clubs renowned throughout Ohio. Castalia, Cold Creek, and the Blue Hole offers a pictorial journey through the history of Cold Creek from Seneca Caverns near Bellevue to the carp pens in Venice on Sandusky Bay.

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Castalia, Cold Creek and the Blue Hole (softbound book, 2007)

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